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Female wearing glasses and mid length blonde hair wearing a t'shirt with 'CROCHETER' slogan and a bright red apron with a white crochet mandala on the front.

Artisan Crochet Designs

The Tech Editor

Helping you perfect your crochet & knitting patterns and grow your design business

Take your yarn patterns to the next level...

Are you a passionate designer who specialises in creating stunning garments?

Do you strive for perfection in every stitch, but sometimes struggle with pattern inconsistencies and errors?

I am a certified Crochet Tech Editor (also known as a Pattern Perfectionist or Pattern Checker) and offer quality technical editing services tailored specifically to meet the needs of talented designers like you.

By working with me, you can focus on what you do best – designing modern garments – while having peace of mind that your patterns are professionally edited to the highest standard. With my technical editing expertise, you can elevate your crochet designs and provide your customers with an impeccable crafting experience.

Looking for knitting tech editing services? I'm still working through my qualification but I have a number of colleagues I trained alongside who I can kindly signpost you to. Get in touch for more details. 

I also teach in-person workshops at my local yarn shop regularly. I love teaching absolute beginners all the way through to advanced crocheters.

Get in touch to see how I can help take your yarn patterns to the next level!

Crochet Technical Editing

Looking for a crochet tech editor to improve your garment pattern quality?

Why should you entrust your crochet patterns to me?

I am a certified Crochet Tech Editor. Here are the key features and benefits of working with me:

Meticulous Pattern Review

I meticulously review your patterns, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and consistency. From stitch counts to abbreviations, every detail is examined to guarantee that your instructions are precise and error-free.


Enhanced Readability

I optimise the readability of your patterns, ensuring they are easy to follow for crocheters of all skill levels. Clear and concise instructions eliminate confusion and enhance the overall user experience.

Perfect Fit and Sizing

Achieving the perfect fit is crucial for any garment. I meticulously check and refine your sizing instructions, ensuring that your patterns provide accurate measurements and a flattering fit for your customers.

Attention to Detail

I have a keen eye for detail and will identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in your patterns. From stitch placement to colour changes, I ensure that every aspect of your design aligns with your vision.

Prompt and Reliable Service

I understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional service. With Artisan Crochet Designs, you can count on prompt responses, efficient editing, and reliable support throughout our collaboration.

Open laptop with screen showing a pattern part way through being tech edited with an example of filet crochet along with a dotted notebook, pen, pencil and scissors.
crochet tech editor

Create your own Crochet Designs

The Polished Patterns Hub for Crochet Garment Designers where you learn the skills to create your own crochet designs! 
Are you a budding crochet designer with a passion for creating stylish garment patterns? 

Who Should Join:
👶 Beginners eager to learn the ropes of crochet garment design.
🌠 Emerging designers looking to improve their skills and creativity.
🧵 Experienced crocheters seeking inspiration and a supportive network.

Crochet Workshops

Looking to learn something new?

Are you an absolute beginner or are you looking for more intermediate or advanced techniques? Artisan Crochet Designs deliver inspiring in-person small group tuition tailored to the individual class needs. 

What are you looking to learn next?

Crochet workshop taking place in a brightly coloured yarn shop, with a blonde female wearing glasses taking a selfie in front of the crocheters.
Discover the secrets to designing error-free crochet patterns with this free guide: The Common Mistakes in Crochet Pattern Design
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