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A little shortcut to designing crochet sweaters

designing crochet sweaters course

A little shortcut to designing crochet sweaters. If what you really want is to be able to design your own crochet sweaters then here is a little shortcut that should help.

Ready for a trick that's going to make your sweater designs come to life?

Let's talk about sizing. You know while you are designing you wonder if the sweater will fit properly? Here's a handy shortcut: create a mini version first as a swatch!

I get it, sizing and fit are one of the biggest worries when starting out designing. You are all excited with hook in hand, you have dived into your stash for the perfect yarn, but your confidence is suddenly lacking. How can you ensure that your design turns out exactly the way you envision it?

Before diving into the full-sized pattern, whip up a tiny "mini-me" version of your sweater. It's like a test run for your design. This gives you a chance to work out any kinks in the sizing, shaping, stitch pattern repeats, or even colour choices before committing to the full project. Is the sizing on point? Does the stitch pattern work like you imagined? Plus, it's a super fun way to visualize your creation before it's life-sized.

So, the next time you're full of enthusiasm to design a crochet sweater that fits like a dream, remember you can always start with a mini version, and work out the kinks before you head into a full size version.

Join us in our "Swatch to Sweater" mini-course, where we'll dive deeper into tips and tricks that'll have you creating crochet patterns in just 4 weeks. We start at step one to learn the basics, so this is perfect if you are thinking you would like to start designing garments.

Want to to keep up to date with my progress while I build this brilliant mini-course?

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crochet sweater design course

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