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Crochet Pattern Technical Editing Process

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Crochet patterns are created by designers who put in countless hours to create unique and intricate designs. However, before a pattern is released to the public, it is essential to have it tech edited and then tested. Tech editing involves reviewing the pattern and making sure that it is error-free, easy to follow, and understandable to all levels of crocheters.

Here are some of the tech editing processes I go though to ensure that your crochet pattern is perfect:

  1. Review the Pattern for Clarity The first step in tech editing a crochet pattern is to review it for clarity. This means making sure that the instructions are easy to understand and follow. The language should be concise and unambiguous, and the instructions should be written in a logical order. I check that there are no missing steps, and all abbreviations are defined.

  2. Check for Accuracy The next step in tech editing a pattern is to check for accuracy. Ensure that the gauge is accurate and that the stitch counts are correct. I check that the measurements for the finished item based on the figures given in the sample tension are accurate as well. Make sure that the yarn and hook sizes used in the pattern are matched against those that are easily available and accessible.

  3. Edit for Consistency Consistency is key when tech editing a crochet pattern. The pattern should use the same language and terminology throughout. I check that the stitch names and abbreviations are consistent and follow standard industry practices depending on whether this is UK or US terminology. I check that the instructions for different sections are written in the same style.

  4. Check Formatting and Layout The final step in tech editing a crochet pattern is to check the formatting and layout. Make sure that the pattern is easy to read and visually appealing. Check that the font size and style are consistent, and the text is easy to read. Ensure that the pattern is laid out in a logical order and that the pictures and charts are correctly placed.

One of the most crucial steps in publishing a crochet pattern is to test the pattern. However, this is out of scope for a Technical Editor, and a service usually done by pattern testers. The pattern testing stage is usually done after the pattern has been edited. You can test the pattern yourself or have others test it to ensure that it works as written. The pattern should be tested in different yarns and hook sizes to ensure that it works for different crocheters.

Are you looking for someone to help ensure that your patterns are error-free, consistent, and easy to follow? As a certified Technical Editor with a keen eye for detail and a passion for crochet, I can help take your patterns to the next level. With my expertise in pattern writing and crochet terminology, I can help you streamline your patterns, improve clarity, and catch any potential mistakes before they make it to your customers. Let me help you create high-quality patterns that your customers will love to make and cherish for years to come.

Want to know more? Book a 30 min FREE Zoom chat directly into my diary using the link below.

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