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Crochet Sweater Design: It always feels difficult to get started

crochet sweater design course

Crochet sweater design was an impossible task, I used to think to myself. Of course, I was an experienced crocheter and knew all of the crochet stitches. I had followed many crochet sweater patterns so knew what a great pattern looked like (and also what a not so great pattern looked like). I felt like I should have the technical know how but couldn't quite put it all together. One thing that was holding me back was my confidence. I'm a bit of a perfectionist (one of the reasons I make a good crochet tech editor), and I didn't want to try my hand at such a big project as a sweater and completely fluff it up. I had lots of questions, but struggled to get a simple answer.

How do you get started with something like designing a sweater? How do you know it is going to fit? What is ease? How do you get your swatch to not lie to you? What are the key elements needed to make a good crochet pattern?

There is one thing I teach my new designers that gives them the confidence to start designing sweaters, and its this...

Just start sketching! It doesn't matter whether you are using a deluxe notebook with fancy pens, or even scribbled in biro on the back of an envelope, just start sketching. Even if you think your sketches are rubbish - keep sketching. This gets you thinking about shapes of sweaters, necklines, sleeve length and all of the other design features you might think of that goes into a sweater. Don't bin or discard any of them, you ideally want keep all of your sketches in a notebook, or folder as something that is rough right now, might with a bit of refinement turn out to be a gem later down the line.

This is just one of the tips I cover in my Swatch to Sweater mini-course coming soon!

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crochet sweater design course

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