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FAQ: What is the process of crochet technical editing?

The process of crochet technical editing can vary slightly depending on the editor and the project

Crochet technical editing typically involves the following steps:

Review the pattern:

The Technical Editor will carefully review the crochet pattern to ensure it is complete and accurate, with no missing or incorrect information.

Check the mathematics:

The Technical Editor will check all the maths calculations in the pattern to ensure that the stitch counts, increases, and decreases are correct and consistent throughout the pattern.

Test the pattern:

The Technical Editor may test the pattern by making a small sample of the stitch pattern to ensure that the instructions are clear and accurate. Most often we work thorough the stitch patterns in our head rather than with yarn and a hook.

Check the language and terminology:

The Technical Editor will ensure that the language and terminology used in the pattern is clear and consistent throughout, and that it adheres to standard crochet terminology.

Ensure formatting and layout:

The Technical Editor will ensure that the pattern is properly formatted and laid out, with clear and easy-to-read instructions, and that any charts or diagrams are accurate and clear.

Provide feedback and revisions:

After completing the initial review, the Technical Editor will provide feedback and revisions to the pattern, which may include suggested changes or corrections to the pattern.

The ultimate decisions are left to the designer about how they want the pattern to read.

Finalise the pattern:

Once any revisions or changes have been made, the Technical Editor will review the final version of the pattern, ensuring that it is error-free and ready for publication.

Overall, the technical editing process is focused on ensuring that the crochet pattern is accurate, clear, and easy to follow, so that crocheters can successfully complete the project without any issues.

If you would like to see how my Crochet Technical Editing Services can improve your crochet patterns, why not book a free 30 min Zoom chat to find out more. Link to book directly into my diary using the button below.

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