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FAQ: What qualifications should a Crochet Technical Editor have?

Updated: May 23, 2023

What-qualifications-should a-Crochet-Technical-Editor-have

A Crochet Technical Editor should have a strong background in crochet and experience in pattern design. In addition, they should possess excellent attention to detail and strong communication skills.

There are no formal qualifications required to become a Crochet Technical Editor, but it is helpful to have experience in crochet and pattern writing. Many editors start out as designers or testers before transitioning to editing.

There are also courses and certifications available to help develop the necessary skills. I completed the very comprehensive course taught by the acclaimed Carol Ibbetson. I covered this in a previous blog post.

Here are some specific skills or qualifications a crochet technical editor should have:

Expertise in crochet

A Technical Editor should have extensive knowledge of crochet stitches, techniques, and terminology. I achieved the Centre of Excellence Crochet Diploma with a Distinction.

Experience in pattern design

A Technical Editor should have experience in designing and writing crochet patterns. This experience will help them understand the process of creating a pattern and the common errors that can arise.

Strong attention to detail

A Technical Editor should have a meticulous eye for detail and be able to spot even the smallest of errors. This skill is essential in ensuring the accuracy of the pattern instructions.

Knowledge of mathematics

A Technical Editor should have a solid understanding of basic math principles, including fractions and decimals. Pythagoras theorem and pi calculations are also handy. This knowledge is necessary for accurately calculating stitch counts, measurements, and yardage requirements.

Communication skills

A Technical Editor should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with pattern designers, publishers, and other stakeholders. They should be able to explain their edits and suggestions in a concise and professional manner.

Familiarity with industry standards

A Technical Editor should be familiar with the industry standards for crochet patterns, such as those set by the Craft Yarn Council. This knowledge will help them ensure that the pattern adheres to these standards.

So, What qualifications should a Crochet Technical Editor have?

Overall, a Crochet Technical Editor should be a highly skilled and experienced individual with a passion for crochet and a commitment to ensuring the accuracy and quality of crochet patterns.

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