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FAQ: What types of crochet patterns can benefit from technical editing?


Any type of crochet pattern can benefit from technical editing, regardless of its complexity or style.

Having said that, some patterns may require more detailed technical editing than others. For example, patterns that involve intricate stitch patterns or shaping may require more attention to detail to ensure that the instructions are accurate and easy to follow. Similarly, patterns with multiple sizes or variations may require additional attention to ensure that the stitch counts and shaping are consistent across all sizes.

Some common types of crochet patterns that can benefit from technical editing include:

Garment patterns

Patterns for crochet jumpers, dresses and other garments may require detailed technical editing to ensure that the shaping and sizing are accurate and consistent across all sizes. I would include crochet socks in this too, as there are a few considerations around proper fit to be aware of.

Amigurumi patterns

Amigurumi is a Japanese word meaning stuffed toys and dolls that are usually 'kawaii' or cute. These crochet patterns may require technical editing to ensure that the instructions for shaping and attaching parts are clear and accurate. Having a technical editor review the Amigurumi pattern means they will pick up if any of the critical pattern sections are missing, or if the instructions are confusing.

Lace patterns

Patterns for crochet lace, filet or openwork such as doilies, would benefit from technical editing. In these patterns it is important to ensure that the stitch counts and shaping are accurate and consistent throughout the pattern. Lacey patterns often have charts to accompany them, so these are best checked too.


There can be a whole array of different crochet patterns that come under accessories, such as hats, scarves, and bags. All of these would benefit from technical editing to ensure that the sizing and shaping are accurate and consistent across all sizes. Tech editing will also make sure that the items come out to the right size. No one wants a hat that is only fit for a toddler or a gym ball!

In essence, technical editing can benefit any type of crochet pattern! This process ensures that the pattern instructions are clear and accurate, and that the pattern can be successfully completed by crocheters of all skill levels it is intended.

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