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How secure is your online security?

The turn of a new month signifies a new spread in my bullet journal. I covered how I use my bullet journal with my busy 'popcorn brain' in a previous blog post here.

This process gives me a chance to reflect on what I've achieved so far, and what I plan to acheive for the coming month. I then consider the tasks that I haven’t completed and assess whether its still worth doing. If it is a worthwhile task it gets migrated to the new month, if not it gets crossed out.

This enables me to mindfully prioritize my time and energy.

One of the things that was on my January task list was to review my account security for all of the various sites I use for not only my crochet tech edit business, but for my personal life as well. You know the super helpful thing of logging on and Google remembers all of your password for you - yeah that maybe isn't the most secure if you leave your laptop in a coffee shop by accident!

But sorting out security and enabling two factor authentication (either getting a text with a code, or using an app like Google Authenticator) isn't the most interesting of jobs and it kept getting bumped down my priority list to 'someday'. As the end of January was rolling around I couldnt bear to migrate 'accounts security' to yet another months task list, so I got cracking.

Yes, it sounds as boring as you might imagine, but the scammers are getting far too inventive and sneaky to try and hack your accounts.

It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, but I'm glad it is done.

Imagine losing your entire social media following to scammers and having to start again!

Just this week, another business owner I know had her Facebook account hacked, with ads set up to £2k a day! Frightening or what? I put her in touch with Paula Tadzik who is helping me with some of the behind the scenes parts of my business. Paula is a whizz at all things techy and managed to help the business owner fix her account and reclaim her Facebook page back to business.

In fact, Paula is on a bit of a mission to help small businesses and has created some FREE training around this exact topic. This is worthwhile reviewing even from a personal perspective, so if you are interested the link below takes you to the page where you can learn more and enroll. Paula asked me to go through my account set up for a couple of the softwares featured so if you want to see how awkward I am at being recorded - check it out!

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