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Pattern Design Challenges: Let me tell you about Clare...

pattern design challenges

Let me tell you about Clare who was eager to become a yarn pattern designer but she was in a tricky situation of not believing she was even a knitter, let alone a designer.

“I’m not a knitter” she would often say at Knit & Natter as she was happy to be known as a Crochet Queen. She would always choose a hook over two (or more) pointy sticks and was competent to make the odd baby cardigan or two, but just didn’t enjoy knitting as much as crochet.

One Saturday morning at Knit & Natter, she watched a friend in awe as she clicked away on tiny circular needles. With a bit of reassurance and lots of support, Clare picked up her needles and managed, albeit slowly, to knit a few rounds of her friends sock.

Clare was keen to become a designer as she had all of these ideas floating around her head of designs she would love to make. But they just didn't exist in pattern form yet.

Pattern Design Challenges: She started by writing her first sock knitting pattern and getting a few close friends to test it. She was sick of seeing other people who weren't as good as her publishing patterns and starting to make recurring income from digital pattern sales.

Clare came to me to get her pattern tech edited, but actually needed some mentoring and confidence boosting to finally hit the 'publish' button. She now makes regular sales from her pattern, and has more patterns being developed in the pipeline.

What did Clare learn through all of this? Just get started (even if you feel like an imposter) and use a basic recipe to get you going. No need to be fancy or revolutionary. Just get the job done and published.

These are all the things I will teach in my Swatch to Sweater mini-course.

  • How to get started designing at step 1

  • Sweater pattern recipe to use as a basis

  • Mentorship and confidence boosting

  • Accountability and able to ask questions along the way

Oh, the name of the adorable sock pattern pictured above - those would be the 'Imposter Socks'! Perfect name eh?



PS. Want to keep up to date on my Swatch to Sweater mini-course coming soon? Easy - follow me on Facebook using the link below...

PPS. You can get Clare's Imposter Socks pattern on Ravelry.

crochet sweater design course

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