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Style Sheets for Crochet Designers... and why you need one

Updated: May 23, 2023

Style Sheets in the simplest terms are technical documents used by writers to specify all the formatting and design decisions made about a written piece. They are used by authors and writers along with magazines and publishers to ensure all publications are consistent in style and approach. The great thing about style sheets is that they can lend themselves beautifully to technical writing such as knitting and crochet patterns as well.

Knitting and crochet designers can use a style sheet in their own work meaning that all of the decisions from which abbreviations to use or how to describe a stitch are documented in a single place for ease of reference. Each style sheet will be unique to a designer and will likely evolve as a working document as you grow your voice and pattern writing style.

It can often feel intimidating to know where to start when faced with a blank sheet of paper... also what do you include?

Style Sheets for Crochet Designers

A style sheet is used by both designers during the writing stage and by editors who are quality checking your patterns. Having a style sheet means that your tech editor has a guide to work to and will offer corrections in line with what is in your style sheet. Your tech editor may have additional questions on consistency, where these arise, it is a good idea to add that note to your style guide for future reference. Use of a comprehensive style sheet can save you money too! Tech editors usually charge by the hour (or part thereof) so the fewer errors or omissions in your pattern writing, the quicker the editing process will be.

A style sheet for knitting or crochet designers will typically include a style guide for things like logo, fonts and colours used with their brand, and other relevant items regarding the look and feel of their patterns. The style sheet will focus more in the specifics on the technical side. For example, such as whether you have a space between the number and the word chains at the start of a row or round or 3 ch or 3ch.

This consistency is important to crocheters reading and using your patterns.

A glossary of terms can also be useful especially for things like special stitches. This means you can cut and paste the exact wording into each pattern you write that has that stitch. Crocheters know what to expect when they see that stitch in your patterns and familiarity leads to comfort and often turns them into repeat customers.

Style sheet Step by Step Workbook for

Crochet Pattern Designers

This Workbook is tried and tested and will help you create your bespoke style sheet exactly for your crochet pattern writing style.​

This will help you get organised and improve consistency within and between pattern publications.

This Workbook will enable you to put down in writing any design decisions and spend less time making the same decisions over and over again.​

Head to this link and find out how to download your copy today.


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