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Crochet Sweater Design: The thing about designing a crochet sweater

crochet sweater design course

The thing about designing a crochet sweater is that it certainly does have challenges. However, if you have a recipe or framework to get you started then those challenges don't seem too daunting.

Many people want to start designing not at step 1, but want to design sweaters that are at step 10, or step 100 compared to where they are. You want to emulate other published designers (who have done the ground work and are at step 10 or 100). So you try complex stitch patterns that are difficult for repeats or hard to mirror for increases or decreases. You end up getting frustrated and throwing the towel in before you have even begun. Those published designers may not have published their earliest patterns, but will have worked on and created several failed attempts before they were ready to publish. And that's OK.

How do you start at step 1? What are the essentials you need to know to start designing? How do I work out what I need from all the online tutorials and noise? How do I make it simple enough to understand the basics, but still a useable pattern? What if you had a mentor leading you through the process to answer questions and provide accountability? How do I turn swatch measurements into a sweater pattern?

You need a basic recipe to get started! A simple no frills pattern recipe that you can effectively 'plug and play' your numbers into it to create a pattern to fit you! Knowing what numbers to put where and how to calculate what you need to from your swatch.

What you need is a well-crafted crochet sweater design course that guides you through each step of the process. Without all of the frills and faff to distract you from the task at hand.

My up-coming mini-course gives you just that as part of the 4 week process so you'll gain the skills to confidently create your very own crochet sweater patterns, transforming your vision into a wearable reality. You actually start at step 1 to learn the basics, from there you can go as far as you like!

So, whether you're a beginner eager to dive into designing or an experienced crochet designer but you haven't tackled garments yet, don't let the challenges hold you back.

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crochet sweater design course

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