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Why I became a Crochet Tutor...

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Like many people, I was taught to crochet by my very talented Mam, who learned to crochet from her Mam and Nana. In fact, my Mam can turn her hand to most handicrafts and certainly has tried a fair few cratfts during the years. I'm sure there's an opportunity for a guest blog post at some point!

My friends have called me the 'Crochet Queen' for years, always with a project (or seven) on the go. At doctors appointments, dance class or waiting at the side of the rugby field; yep I had my crochet with me. I had informally taught several of my friends and everyone always said I should teach proper classes.

So, in January 2020 I took the plunge and booked studio space (thanks Mam @ Do Creative Studios) to hold my first proper workshop. I was terrified! I knew my crochet skills were good but was I any good at teaching others who had paid me, not just my friends who were probably being polite. Imposter syndrome kicked in! I thought "well, I'll just do this one and see how it goes".

My first workshop was teaching Absolute Beginners and I kept the attendees down to just six. This made sure everyone could get my help, support and direct tuition.

We started with how to hold the hook and yarn, and then went on to form slip knots and then chain stitches. We then worked some double crochet stitches which were quite difficult for some as their starting chains were quite tight. A learning point for me to remind beginners about a loose tension for those starting chains. Once the double crochet rows had been worked we moved onto trebles. Now we were flying!

Everyone managed a small sample of crochet granny stitches in a stripe pattern and most had never picked up a crochet hook before! I was amazed that this small group of people could learn so much in only 2 hours. Oh and we had a tea break with biscuits too.

On reflection of that first workshop, I realised that I really enjoyed teaching. It was something I was good at and the feedback was great. Most people booked for the next class which was Beyond Beginners. This class covered the basic stitches but taught how to turn corners and make granny squares. That class was aimed more at people who were 'rusty hooks' and needed a refresher or were progressing on from stripes.

I started adding regular classes to the diary and was often booked up in months in advance...but then Covid-19 struck.

I had to decide whether to pause in-person classes or go online like everyone else seemed to be doing. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. My enjoyment came from teaching people in person so I could see exactly how they are working stitches and be able to offer corrections close up. I decided I would let the rest of the world go online with their courses but I would remain in person when we were allowed to again. When restrictions were easing I was honoured to be asked to teach at my new local yarn shop. I now teach there regularly as its a wonderful workshop space.

I think you could say that from that first tentative workshop I'm hooked on teaching (if you pardon my pun).

I've since gone on to teach a wide variety of crochet classes at all levels. I get a real satisfaction when advanced students learn new techniques and tricks that I just assumed everybody knows.

In fact, my Mam asked to attend my crochet sock making workshop as she had only ever knitted them before. I feel proud to have inspired her to pick up a hook again and try new more complex things in crochet. And yes, teaching my Mam wasn't plain sailing, but I do still get random texts every now and then about what a phrase in a pattern means, so the learning never ends.

I suppose my takeaway from this is that everyone is on the learning journey spectrum at some point. You may be right at the start and just getting comfortable with holding your hook and yarn, to people like myself who have crocheted for what feels like forever and are still learning new things by working towards the International Diploma in Crochet lead by the acclaimed Pauline Turner. I think that journey might be a blog post for another day.

The workshops I teach now are mainly at Kraft Work Yarns in Hartlepool, and these are all listed on both their Facebook page here and my Facebook page here as events.

Simply pop into the shop or give them a call to book your space.

Upcoming workshops


Learn to read crochet patterns both written and charts

Tuesday 13th September 6:00-8:30pm

Contact Debbie or Linda at Kraft Work Yarns to book a space.


Pumpkin making workshop - date TBC


Candy cane/baubles - date TBC


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