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Working with Craft magazines

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I recently attended a talk from the lovely Kate Heppell about how local yarn shops (LYS) can work with craft magazines.

Kate is Head of Content at Practical Publishing and is passionate about all things yarn related, and a self-confessed professional yarn enabler.

Kate started her editorial journey at Knit Now magazine over a decade ago. Simply by being in the right place at the right time and being brave enough to take the opportunity when it arose. Kate talked enthusiastically about the craft magazine publishing industry, and in particular provided opportunities for LYS to get featured in craft magazines.

LYS are sadly a dying breed from our high street. They are little treasure troves of advice and guidance. Nothing beats the pleasure for a yarny to see colours in person, squish and smell yarn. Yes, we often give natural fibers a good sniff to see if it has that delightedly distinctive 'sheepy' smell. If you have a LYS nearby, please support them and spend when you can. Many LYS offer services above and beyond the big box stores, such as taught workshops or 'layaway services'.*

Kate openly chatted about market share and how craft magazines have fared through previous recessions. It was interesting to hear how knitters, crocheters and sewists used the different subscription options and also how digital usage differed.

Some of the marketing points were obvious if you took a step back and thought about it. However, when running a craft related business it's often difficult to stop, take a breather and think about next steps. It was valuable to have that time to listen to Kate talk and think about how these marketing opportunities could apply to my business as well as a LYS.

To be honest, it's completely opened my eyes to the avenues of free or very low cost marketing opportunities that linking in with craft magazines can offer. From offering giveaways, issuing press releases and product features. Plus of course, there's the usual advertising streams covered.

If you get the chance to listen to Kate talk about publishing and the yarn industry... get yourself there. It is well worth an hour of your time.

We also managed to fit in chatting about crochet and knitting tattoos, perhaps I'll explore this more another day.

Right, I'm off to plan how to put everything into practice!


*layaway services means that a LYS will often put to one side a quality of yarn for you. If you have a large project or sweater where you will need the same yarn and same dye lot, but can't afford to purchase it all in one go, the LYS will often hold it for you and allow you to purchase what you need, when you need it. It saves running out of yarn and needing one extra ball for trims, but also enables you to spread the cost.


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