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The #1 Fool-Proof Method To Improve Pattern Writing Consistency Every Time - Guaranteed!

Help!  I'm a Crochet Garment Designer;
where do I start?

If you are a crochet garment designer then you need a stylesheet.

  • Maybe you are wondering what a stylesheet is?

  • Or, you have a stylesheet but it isn't up to date or working for you right now.

  • Perhaps you think you can remember all the abbreviations?

  • How do you keep track of your standard terms for consistency?

  • What about formatting choices to make your patterns stand out in the marketplace as your distinctive design?


Style sheets for
Crochet Pattern Designers Workbook

Are you a crochet garment designer who wants to elevate the consistency of your pattern writing and make your designs stand out?​

Do you struggle with keeping track of all the necessary details and measurements when creating a crochet garment pattern?​

Look no further than the Stylesheets for Crochet Pattern Designers Workbook.​

This workbook is the perfect companion, providing a step-by-step guide to creating your very own stylesheet.​

With easy-to-follow steps and examples, you can organise your pattern writing process, ensuring that every detail is accounted for.​

Our workbook is specifically designed for crochet garment designers, with sections dedicated to measurements, abbreviations, and instructional text.​

With our helpful tips and tricks, you'll be able to create a cohesive and professional-looking crochet pattern that will impress your customers and followers.​


The Stylesheets for Crochet Pattern Designers Workbook will help you:

  • Create consistency in your pattern writing, making it easier for you and your customers to follow.

  • Save time by having all the necessary details in one place, so you don't have to search through multiple documents.

  • Provide a professional and polished look to your patterns, increasing the perceived value of your designs.


Don't let the details of pattern writing hold you back from achieving your design goals.

Our workbook is here to guide you every step of the way.


Order the Stylesheets for Crochet Pattern Designers Workbook now and start creating professional and consistent patterns that will set your designs apart!


Stylesheet Step by Step Workbook for

Crochet Pattern Designers

Order your Stylesheet Workbook and start improving your garment pattern writing today!

This Workbook is tried and tested and will help you create your bespoke Stylesheet exactly for your crochet pattern writing style.​

This will help you get organised and improve consistency within and between pattern publications.

This Workbook will enable you to put down in writing any design decisions and spend less time making the same decisions over and over again.​

This Workbook once completed is not set in stone, you are free to change and evolve your writing style as you go.

Your initial design choices may change over time and that is OK.

Documenting your approach means you are taking your crochet pattern writing seriously and customers will appreciate your professionalism.

​Use of a comprehensive Stylesheet can save you money too!

Tech Editors usually charge by the hour (or part thereof) so the fewer errors or omissions in your pattern writing the quicker the editing process will be.

Share your Stylesheet with your Tech Editor and it will reduce the number of clarification questions to and fro, as it is all there ahead of time in your Stylesheet.​

All this means you can write the best possible crochet patterns.

Customers will come back time and time again as repeat customers as they love your pattern writing style. ​

Sounds good right?

Order below and I'll drop you an email with the Stylesheets for Crochet Pattern Designers Workbook.

For less than it would cost to hire a Tech Editor for 2 hours, you can do this yourself.

Cost for this comprehensive step by step Workbook is only 
This is less than it would cost to hire a

Tech Editor to do this for you.

About Lyndsey Allen

Take your crochet to the next level...


I work with and support emerging crochet garment designers with technical editing services. 

A designers' crochet pattern writing style is unique, and I'm all about helping the crochet designer voice emerge. I carefully curate patterns inspired by the designers personal writing style, needs and taste.

I use my eye for detail and high-quality processes to consistently deliver first rate tech edit services.​

With my background in complex healthcare analytics combined with my passion and skill for crochet, means I am a successful Technical Editor with a real eye for quality and detail.​

I also teach in-person workshops at my local yarn shop regularly.

​Do you have questions about Tech Editing your pattern or publication?

Email me on:

Alternatively, check out my web page on Crochet Technical Editing.

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