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Who doesn't love something for free? Here I will collate all of my free downloads, crochet designer support documents and crochet patterns. 


Common Mistakes in Crochet Pattern Design

We'll explore the most common mistakes that crochet pattern designers make and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to avoid them in the future.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling for Creatives

How Every Creative Can Be More Organised For Minimal Effort:
Without overwhelm, perfectionism and paralysis taking over!

crochet design

The Polished Patterns Hub for Crochet Garment Designers where you learn the skills to create your own crochet designs!

Pattern Testing - navy_edited

Top 10 Secrets to Successful Pattern Testing

Crochet pattern testers are essential. But do you wish you had more time to design new patterns instead of fixing errors or queries? Download my free Top 10 Secrets to Successful Pattern Testing booklet.

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