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The Crochet Tech Editor
Helping you perfect your patterns and grow your design business.

How every Crochet Garment Designer can create a reputation for well written crochet patterns

... even if you have never used a Tech Editor before!

Technical Editing

Take your crochet patterns to the next level...

Are you are you a crochet garment designer at the start of your designing journey?

Are passionate about crochet and looking to specialise in creating modern crochet garments? 

  • Do your patterns have a consistent style?

  • Get lots of queries asking for pattern help?

  • Are errors often found at the testing stage?

  • Do your patterns stand out from other designers?

  • Have you got a reputation for well written patterns?

  • Are you looking to invest in your brand and quality?

Consulting with a specialist Crochet Tech Editor can help you achieve your goals, and is cost effective. Your crochet pattern writing style is unique to you, and I'm all about helping your personal crochet designer voice emerge. I carefully curate your patterns inspired by your personal writing style​, needs and taste. I use my eye for detail and high-quality processes to consistently deliver first rate tech edit services.

I focus my attention to: 

  • Clarity - are the instructions clear about what you want the maker to achieve.

  • Consistency - not only between pattern releases but also within the same pattern. For example do you always use 3tr to mean 'treble once in each of the next three stitches' or 'three trebles in the next stitch'. Use of style sheets is key and if you don't have one already I can help you with this.

  • Conciseness or brevity - have you written the instructions in an overly verbose manner which can cause confusion? Can the language be simplified to make the instruction clearer and less wordy? 

  • Correctness or accuracy - are all of your stitch counts correct; does the gauge listed make the fabric sizes specified in the schematic or size charts? All of these are checked and tested.

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Frequently asked questions

Why hire me?

Hi, I'm Lyndsey!

I am passionate about crochet and have a real eye for detail. My friends have called me 'The Crochet Queen' for years!

My day job is a Data Analyst, so I am used to wrangling large complex healthcare data, so I happily take the complexities of technical editing formulas in my stride. I am a real data geek and love a good spreadsheet! 


I am a prolific crocheter and have been since I was a child, and learned to knit in 2011. I can pretty much knit or crochet anything.

I have previously completed an online diploma in crochet through The Centre of Excellence and I have almost completed distance learning Part 1 of the International Crochet Diploma with the acclaimed Pauline Turner.

I think the combination of my analytical/excel skills plus my passion for crochet puts me in a perfect position to be a successful Technical Editor especially for Crochet Designers. 

What does Technical Editing involve?

A Crochet Tech Editor can add a lot of value to the final pattern as a product. You should see the technical editing process as a quality assurance of your pattern. It is the second set of eyes over your work as you are unable to check your 'own homework'.


As your Crochet Tech Editor, I will review your pattern in full, including all of the maths, stitch counts and schematics to ensure what you have written in the pattern is what a crocheter will get as a final product.

Conduct checks of the suggested yarn and hook size, to ensure the tension swatch works within the parameters of the yarn/hook/stitch combination. Does the garment sizing match the schematic, and are they reasonable compared to standard size charts?

As the Crochet Tech Editor, I will also proof read the pattern by reviewing all of the spelling and grammar, ensuring that a consistent approach is applied to all abbreviations and notations. I am happy to work with UK or US terminology. Garment designers often miss out key parts of a pattern, so I will flag if there are any parts missing.

As a self-publishing Crochet Garment Designer, I can work to your personal style sheet or I'm happy to work to specific publishers 'house' guidelines.​ Not created a style sheet yet? I have a brilliant Workbook to support your journey in creating it.

Click here for more details.

Importantly, I deliver clear and comprehensive feedback notes with my technical edits, giving explanations and suggestions where applicable. Ultimately, the decisions on making any changes are up to the designer.

My approach is to allow your pattern style and designer aesthetic to come through. My job is to make sure that the pattern is technically correct and consistently well written, but the flair and style is left to the designer.

Other technical support

As a self-publishing Crochet Garment Designer if you do not already have a style sheet, I can help you find your personal writing style and create a style sheet with you. A personalised style sheet is a big time saver and a worthwhile investment. 

I am able to make a crochet chart with standard international symbols from the written pattern if this is a service you need, conversely I can take a chart and convert to a written pattern.

I can also offer garment grading if you have a written pattern in a single size. This process transforms your crochet designs into a range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for a broader audience. With my expertise in garment grading, I can help you unlock the full potential of your designs, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

What are your timescales?

You can check my diary and availability for a TE slot directly in my calendar. This would be the date the edited pattern would be returned to you.
If there was any reason for a delay this would be communicated to you as early as possible. 

What is your TE process?

Book an initial 30 minute consultation with me as a new client. This is free of charge and no obligation.


We can work through completing the New Client Application Form together.

We will agree what needs checking on the pattern using a checklist (for example if charts are excluded this this would reduce the tech edit time).

Following this, we will agree the deadline for delivery (booked on Calendly here).

Once you have booked your slot please complete the Pattern Intake Form here. Please ensure I have the pattern and all photos, or samples needed 10 working days before this date.

I then follow up with an email with the proposal checklist, quote for costs along with a copy of my standard terms of business.


Once I start working on your pattern and I usually have several emails with queries with my clients, especially when they are new and I want to check I am editing things just how they like it.

After I have completed the first edit, I return the pattern to you to update and review the suggestions as needed. You can amend as appropriate and send back a second copy to check and so on until you are happy.

I offer a final edit (just before publication) and this is included free of charge. 

My invoice for services is raised only after the final edit has been returned to you; I want you to be completely happy with my service.

I take data protection very seriously, please read my Privacy Notice. I am also registered with the ICO as a data collector and processor. 

How do I book a free Zoom Consultation?

Book a no obligation, 30 minute zoom call with me to chat about your design using this link.

Simply choose a day/time that suits your diary and the slot will be confirmed for you automatically.


“I'm a relatively new crochet designer so I am always a little anxious when I hand over my patterns to be tech edited but Lyndsey made me feel very at ease. She found some small errors but was so kind in how she communicated these and also made some really helpful comments which were very encouraging. I came away from the experience very confident that my pattern was thoroughly checked. I would definitely recommend using Lyndsey for crochet tech editing. Thank you Lyndsey!”

Munira Rasul ~ Chroma Crochet

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