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The Top 10 Secrets to Successful Crochet Pattern Testing


Help! I'm a Crochet Designer;
where do I start?

Crochet pattern testers are the hidden army of makers behind every great crochet designer so it makes sense to look after them and deliver a successful crochet pattern testing process.

  • Do your testers often find errors or complain that stitch counts are off?

  • Do your testers have lots of queries during the test process?

  • Are you wasting too much time dealing with queries and fixing errors?

  • Looking for a smoother test process for yourself and your testers?

I have created the ideal booklet which gives you all you need to know about how to look after your crochet pattern testers, avoiding 'red-fl;ags' in your patterns and keep them coming back for more.

Your pattern tests will run smoother with  fewer queries. The crochet pattern testers will return again and again, meaning you fill your test spots quickly. You will have more time for designing rather than correcting and fixing errors.

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Consulting with a specialist Crochet Technical Editor can help you achieve your goals, and is both cost and time effective.


About Lyndsey Allen

Take your crochet to the next level...

I work with and support crochet designers at all stages of their creative journey. From releasing your first pattern (scary right?), to designers releasing several patterns a year, to publishing companies looking for magazine or full book technical editing services.

A designers' crochet pattern writing style is unique, and I'm all about helping the crochet designer voice emerge. I carefully curate patterns inspired by the designers personal writing style, needs and taste. I use my eye for detail and high-quality processes to consistently deliver first rate tech edit services.

With my background in complex healthcare analytics combined with my passion and skill for crochet, means I am a successful Technical Editor with a real eye for quality and detail.

I also teach in-person workshops at my local yarn shop regularly.

Do you have questions about Tech Editing your pattern or publication?

Email me on or check out my page on Technical Editing.

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